Commercial and Contracts

We will review or draft and explain in writing the effect of any contract and we will positively encourage you to ask questions if there is anything you are unsure about.

  • Do you know how many contracts and agreements your business is a party to?
  • Are you confident that you fully understand all of your rights and obligations under each of those contracts and agreements? 
  • Did you get legal advice before signing your contracts and agreements?

Many businesses, especially SMEs, still operate in an informal way with a hand shake between business owners often seen as being as good as any written contract. The ‘word is my bond’ maxim is not only a quaint throwback to pioneering days but it is also recognised at law. Verbal contracts are indeed enforceable as long as they meet all the criteria for enforceability.

The possibility that a contract might end up being examined by a court of law should be always kept in mind. Our role is to be sure that the terms commercially agreed are correctly spelled out in the contract and to protect your company to the maximum extent possible.

We draft or review:

  • Service contracts to use with your clients or customers
  • Employment contracts for your employees
  • Joint venture, non-disclosure, confidentiality and other business agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Help you protect your Intellectual Property
  • Draft employment contracts
  • Negotiate and draft contracts with customers and suppliers, including establishing terms and conditions of service for websites, privacy policies and international license and distribution agreements for software