Corporate Governance and Administration

Whether you are an executive in a large company or the shareholding director in a SME we can provide you with a wide range of fit for purpose advice 

• Are you a shareholder in a limited liability company? Are you also a director of that company?

• Do you work as a paid employee of the company as well?

• Do you know what your legal rights and obligations are as a shareholder, as a director and as an employee? Did you know that they are very different in some circumstances?

Many of New Zealand’s businesses are set up as limited liability companies and most of those companies are small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Typically, SMEs are businesses in which the owners (shareholders) are also the directors of the company and in many cases also the company’s key (often only) employees.

Governance is a word used to describe a number of things related to business.

Put simply governance is what businesses do when setting up the policies and procedures that the business will operate under together with monitoring compliance not only with these policies and procedures but also with all rules regulations and law set down by Parliament, the Courts and in some cases the NZX.

There is much about governance that is not always well understood by business people, especially the differences between governance and management. Whilst these differences are not always legal in nature, making the wrong decisions because of misunderstandings about the relationship between the various parts of a company can have significant legal repercussions.

In SME’s wearing 'three hats' can be very confusing at the best of times. When decisions you make can have legal consequences depending on what hat you are wearing at the time, you need to make sure that you fully understand the differences between the rights and obligations of shareholders, directors and employees.

As an executive in a large company you will be faced with a variety of commercially driven decisions that need to be backed by appropriate legal documentation.

We can help with:

• Incorporating your company
• Changes to your company’s records
• Alterations to your company’s share register or structure
• Ensuring your company complies with all regulations and laws
• Reviewing or drafting all of your commercial contracts
• Preparing your company for sale